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Streetheart - Featuring Kenny Shields

During his stint in the late '60's with Witness Inc., Kenny Shields nearly died in a devastating car accident in 1969. Band activities were suspended while the band waited for him to recuperate. Unfortunately, one arm and leg were so badly injured it took him until 1975 to fully recover and regain the confidence to return to centre stage. He attempted to reform Witness Inc. with former drummer Craig Kaleal, Spider Sinneave and Gutheil, but it was soon abandoned in favour of a better offer to join former Great Canadian River Race members Paul Dean (Scrubaloe Caine) and Matt Frenette to create Streetheart in 1976.

Following a year of slugging it out from their homebase in Regina, Saskatchewan to an impressive response on the Western bar circuit, Streetheart were soon signed to Atlantic Records in 1977 by Gary Muth. Their debut, 'Meanwhile Back In Paris' sold 100,000 copies in 1977.

A personality conflict soon erupted and Dean and Frenette left in 1978 to form Loverboy. Their replacements were John Hannah (guitar) and Herb Ego (drums). Two more albums followed, 'Under Heaven Over Hell' (1979) and 'Quicksand Shoes' (1980) before the band switched to Capitol Records.

Jeff Neill (H.U.N.N, Shama) replaced Hannah on guitar for 1981's 'Drugstore Dancer' and 1983's 'Dancing With Danger' both of which went platinum in Canada.

The band split up in the mid-80's, but during their successful career, Streetheart accumulated 6 gold albums, 4 of those going on to sell platinum; they also had one gold single for "Under My Thumb."

Streetheart reunited for some festival tours and small club dates in 1996 with the original line-up at the exact same time as Frenette and Dean were doing double duty with Loverboy.

With notes from Glen McGregor, Paul McKinnon, Conrad & Janice Labonte

1979 Here Comes The Night (Atlantic)
1979 Under My Thumb (Atlantic)

1980 Draggin' You Down (Atlantic)
1980 Joke's On You (Atlantic)
1980 Tin Soldier (Atlantic)

1982 What Kind Of Love Is This? (Capitol)
1982 Miss Plaza Suite (Capitol)
1982 One More Time (Capitol)
1982 Look In Your Eyes (Capitol)
1982 Without Your Love (Capitol)
1982 Snow White (Capitol)

1978 Meanwhile Back In Paris (Atlantic)

1979 Under Heaven Over Hell (Atlantic)

1980 Quicksand Shoes (Atlantic)

1981 Drugstore Dancer (Capitol)
1981 Action: Best Of Streetheart (Atlantic)

1982 Streetheart (Capitol)

1983 Dancing With Danger (Capitol)

1989 Over 60 Minutes With...Streetheart (Capitol)
198? Live After Dark (Capitol)

199? Buried Treasures (Capitol)

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