Saturday, February 16, 2008

1. STREETHEART • The 12 Incher!
Streetheart’s first offcial release that featured three songs from Meanwhile Back In Paris...Only 1500 copies of this very rare red 12 inch single were ever pressed.If you have one,lucky you!

1. Just For You
2. Action
3. Can You Feel It

2. STREETHEART • Meanwhile Back in Paris. 1978. Atlantic Records. KCA-92002
The classic debut record that many call "The greatest debut album by a Canadian Rock band ever". Featuring the classic Action,Meanwhile captured all of the charisma of a compelling Kenny Shields and showcased the amazing chemistry of a young Spider Sinnaeve,Matthew Frenette,Daryl Gutheil and Paul Dean.


1. Action
2. Pressure
3. Can You Feel It
4. Move On Over
5. Look At Me
6. Captain Rhythm
7. Streetwalker
8. People (Takin' Pieces of Me)
9. Just For You

3. STREETHEART • Under My Thumb (Single)

This 12 inch single featured Streetheart’s certified Gold National Top 5 hit plus the songs, Baby’s Got a Gun and Star. Thumb would also later appear on Under Heaven Over Hell and helped to propel that album to platinum status. Thumb remains a fan favorite and concert highlight today.


1. Under My Thumb
2. Baby's Got A Gun
3. Star

4. STREETHEART • Under Heaven Over Hell. 1979. Atlantic Records. KSD-19228
UHOH featured new guitarist John Hannah and the hit songs Hollywood and Here Comes the Night as well as the gold single Under My Thumb.Like Meanwhile, UHOH was certified platinum with over 100.000 copies sold.


1. Hollywood
2. Main Street
3. Fight To Survive
4. Baby's Got A Gun
5. Dreeded Dotted Line
6. Star
7. Whose Turn Is It Tonite
8. Here Comes The Night
9. Under My Thumb

5. STREETHEART • Quicksand Shoes. 1980. Atlantic Records XWEA-92005
Quicksand saw Herb Ego take over as drummer for Streetheart and featured Spider Sinnaeve on the bass driven Highway Isolation.Recorded at Le Studio,Morin Heights Quicksand received an Ampex Golden Reel Award for recording excellence. However,without strong singles,the band would only achieve gold status sales with this record.


1. Jokes On You
2. Sad Affair
3. Draggin' You Down
4. Feel Free
5. Sin City
6. Angela
7. Daddy's Love
8. 500 Miles
9. Baby Please
10. Highway Isolation

6. STREETHEART • Drugstore Dancer. 1981. Capitol Records. Cap ST-6481
With the opening riffs of the title track Streetheart were back to their raw selves. Featuring the hits Tin Soldier,Trouble and Teenage Rage,Drugstore was the first self-produced record by Streetheart and it put the band back on the charts earning them their third platinum album.


1. Drugstore Dancer
2. Teenage Rage
3. Nobody Like You
4. Go To Hell
5. You're Gonna Crash
6. Tin Soldier
7. Trouble
8. Sold Out
9. Let Me Go

7. Action - Best of Streetheart. 1981 Atlantic Records. XWEA-92010

The very first in a series of "Best Of" collections, Action was released by Streetheart’s first label WEA. However, with songs taken only from the first three albums, this really wasn’t a complete greatest hits package, just a re-issue of material owned by WEA. Featured two photos on the back cover of somebody’s girlfriend drinking champagne and crawling all over a bunch of television sets that were displaying what appeared to be some live Streetheart footage. Nice.

1. Action
2. Look At Me
3. Here Comes The Night
4. Can You Feel It
5. Just For You
6. Under My Thumb
7. Hollywood
8. Jokes On You
9. Highway Isolation

8. STREETHEART • Streetheart. 1982. Capitol Records. Cap ST-6491
The all time best seller for Streetheart was also the debut of Jeff Neill as guitarist.Loaded with many great songs this album has sold well in excess of 200,000 copies to date and includes the classic hits What Kind Of Love Is This,Look In Your Eyes,One More Time,Miss Plaza Suite and Snow White.


1. Without Your Love
2. Mad As Hell
3. Miss Plaza Suite
4. Wired
5. What Kind Of Love Is This
6. Snow White
7. Look In Your Eyes
8. Ain't In No Hurry
9. One More Time

9. STREETHEART • Dancing with Danger. 1983. Capitol Records. Cap ST-6499
What would be Streetheart’s last studio album was ironically the only album recorded by Streetheart in the US. Made with the highest of expectations DWD would ultimately be a big disappointment for the band and it failed to connect with their fans selling less than 100,000 copies.


1. Dancing With Danger
2. Comin' True
3. You're Not The Only One
4. Don't Let Her Leave You
5. Midnight Love
6. Underground
7. Too Hot Too Stop
8. Night Writer
9. Leave Me Alone
10. Have It Your Way

10. STREETHEART • Live after Dark. 1983. Capitol Records. 2-Cap ST-2-6507
A double live album culled from shows recorded in Western Canada during the summer of 1983, LAD featured all the Streetheart hits and was meant to be a snapshot of Streetheart at that time.Unfortunately,the band was waving goodbye.This was the last official recording that Streetheart made as a band.


1. Hollywood
2. Action
3. Too Hot To Stop
4. One More Time
5. Miss Plaza Suite
6. Without Your Love
7. Snow White
8. Just For You
9. Tin Soldier
10. Trouble
11. What Kind Of Love Is This
12. You're Not The Only One
13. Look In Your Eyes
14. Under My Thumb

11. STREETHEART • Buried Treasure. 1984. Capitol Records
Compiled by close friend Terry Dimonte, BT was a collection of unreleased studio tracks and early versions of Streetheart songs. As with most posthumous releases however this was more of a historical piece and was intended purely as a gift to the fans and to everyone who had so loyaly supported the band throughout their career.

1. Hot Cherie
2. Fine Line
3. Walk On Water
4. Nobody Said
5. Need A Million
6. Wanna Be With You
7. Crazy Baby
8. Look In Your Eyes
9. So Lonely

12. Over 60 Minutes with...Streetheart. 1989. Capitol Records

A collection of live and studio recordings,this CD was one in a series of "Over 60 Minutes With..." released by Capitol Records in the late 80's. Since this CD was issued 5 years after the band had officially broken up, this CD was primarily a record company project and had very little artist input. Interesting to note, this was the very first Streetheart "record" that was NOT initially released on vinyl.

1. Hollywood (Live)
2. Just For Your (Live)
3. What Kind Of Love Is This
4. Drugstore Dancer
5. Teenage Rage
6. Miss Plaza Suite
7. Tin Soldier
8. Trouble
9. Action (Live)
10. Look In Your Eyes
11. Comin' True
12. Without Your Love
13. One More Time
14. Under My Thumb
15. Snow White (Live)
16. Have It Your Way

13. STREETHEART • The Essentials 2005 WEA International

An unauthorized best of compilation worth the purchase price if only for those late 70’s fashion photos of the band. Contains most of Streetheart’s favorite songs but once again, without any artist input, one could argue about the choice of the material offered on this CD. Since when did Main Street become a big Streetheart hit? Hey...guys...come on.

1. Under My Thumb
2. Hollywood
3. Here Comes the Night
4. What Kind of Love is This
5. Action
6. Tin Soldier
7. Main Street
8. Look at Me
9. Pressure
10. Can You Feel It
11. Miss Plaza Suite
12. Joke's On You

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Anonymous said...

Just one mistake here and one comment. Drugstore Dancer was released in the fall of 1980, NOT in 1981 (I am looking at the record as I type this!). The Wikipedia page had this mistake too (which I corrected a year ago). The other thing is you should mention that Unde Heaven Over Hell had two versions. The first had the excellent song Storyteller. The second version replaced this with Under My Thumb.

Kevin Ferris in Maple Ridge

Anonymous said...

One more thing...I am lucky enough to own "The Twelve Incher". I bought it around 1980-1981 when the University of Manitoba radio station, CJUM FM 101 was being closed down. I got a lot of great records at their closing sale.

Kevin Ferris in Maple Ridge.

DontLetHerLeaveYou KS&S said...

thank you im so sorry for the miss print i aplagize