Saturday, June 14, 2008

(Best Streetheart Concert in life History!!!!)

Hello all,
I just got back to the hotel from the Kenny Shields and Streetheart concert! in Estevan Sask its 12:58 Am we me my mom and best fucken party friend and Freind in the world I will be posting the pic from this concert!.. whne i get home tomorow !!! Not to many in sorry ! ..... And hey everyone ----STREETHEART-- is the FUCKEN BEST ( I luv you Kenny Jeff Tim Jake and Daryl ...
Hey Jake you awsome nice to mee you for the first time In life and cant wait for the next Concert in liek 7 Days Yahoooo!! Jeff thank you for the awsome Nite ill never forget at the 20 min break!!! im ognna tell my kids that story hope you liked the BIG BOTTEL OF YOUR FAV BEER !!!!......... Kenny i know that i make you happy to see the only young girl there under 40 , 50 year olds ( SMILEING ) thnak you for the awosmest night of my life !! ( Your The King Of Classic Rock!!!!!) 4 Ever!!! thank you for making me smile and dance the night away !!! ( For you allways KENNY )..... Daryl your awsome and so kind se you in about 6 Days !!!....

well gonna go party a bit more with mom and Pammy !!!

Peace Outt.

be posting thoes pics tomorow!!!
and the movies willl be on CHECK IT OUTT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Do it !!!!!!...

Lol Peace Outt.
Crazy Chicky.

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